Upstate New York can be very intimidating for New Yorkers who are accustomed to the city (specifically Manhattan). It can also be wonderful to go upstate to the country where it’s quiet and one can be surrounded by nature.

The relaxation part of the trip can be interrupted, though, when you are locked out of your friend’s house and there’s no one else around! Thank goodness that, when I went to visit a friend upstate and locked myself out of their cozy home, I had my phone on me and was able to search for nearby locksmiths.

I never thought I’d be looking for a
locksmith in upstate NY but I’m really glad that I found one! They helped get me in out of the chilly night air and back indoors.

The locksmith I found upstate was very friendly and extremely fast and helpful. You’d think that having to find a locksmith in upstate NY on your vacation would put a damper on things but it really didn’t.