Bike Locksmith - Bicycle Lock Out Service

Bike Locksmith – Bicycle Lock Out Service – Aside from breaking into homes, stores, and vehicles, Bicycle Lock Out is also a pressing concern in the area of Poughkeepsie. Many of our clients call us for resolving their bike lockout problems due to lost keys or a broken lock.

Mya Locksmith is one of the best local locksmiths to cater all sorts of lock and key issues for your house, apartment, office, vehicle, and bicycles. Looking for Bike Locksmith? With just one call, our on standby mobile locksmith will quickly respond to your dilemma on a timely basis.

Bike Locksmith - Bicycle Lock Out Service

Have you tried getting locked out from your vehicle? You will feel the same frustration when you experience a Bicycle Lock Out, especially if you are in a hurry to go to work or buy something in store. Luckily, Mya Locksmith is here to safely unlock your bike locks in no time.

Our van is loaded with different tools and supplies, so our well-trained technicians can immediately mend your bicycle locksmith on our first visit. D-locks, cable locks, padlocks, chain locks, or combination locks, our licensed technicians can efficiently and safely unlock it in the shortest possible time.

The Strongest Bike Lock

Choosing a durable and cost-efficient bicycle lock is not a straightforward task, for you need to consider several factors such as tensile strength, lock pick proof, excellent resistance against bolt crop, cutter, drilling, and hammering.


Fortunately, you can reduce your burden of searching hundreds of bicycle locks by contacting us Mya Locksmith. We have hundreds of types and brands of bike locks known in the market. Some of the popular brands we have include ABUS, Kryptonite, Hiplok, Litelok Gold, Pitlock, Ottolock, Knog Strongman, Foldylock, Sigtuna Gear, Master Lock, and more.


Our licensed and insured Bike Locksmiths have sufficient knowledge and experience with these various bicycle locks. They are going to help you understand the features and benefits for each type and brand.


Below are some of the main bicycle locks and its corresponding pros and cons:


    1. U-Locks or D-Locks: This is one classic bike lock with a large shackle and sturdy crossbar. The locking mechanism is built-in for D-locks and protection against theft and arm strength breaking is high. In contrast, the main setback of this lock is its awkward shape and heavyweight.
    2. Chain Locks: The solid appearance of this lock provides a good visual threat to bike thieves. It consists of stainless steel metal rings connected altogether and is closed at both ends with a hardened padlock.

Most chain locks have the Sold Secure rating, thus, suitable for securing your items and bicycle. Its main setback would be its bulky size and heavyweight.

    1. Cable Locks: Compared to D-locks, this one is more flexible, portable, and lightweight. It has plastic or rubber insulation so it can’t scratch the paint on your bike frame. However, cable locks are only suitable as your secondary bike lock and not for a primary one.
    2. Folding Locks: When you want a more portable and sleek option than chain and cable locks, then a folding lock is an ideal choice. Typically, it has a Sold Secure Silver rating, thus, it can efficiently deter bike theft. Moreover, it has a bicycle bracket which makes it easy for you to mount on your bike.
    3. Combination Locks: When you want to get rid of lost keys for your bicycle locks, then go for a combination lock. These locks can consist of 3, 4, or 5 rings or its codes. Oftentimes, this is a few notch lower compared to keyed ones, but when you choose the 4 to 5 ring codes, it provides better security.
    4. Ground Anchor Locks: This is an excellent lock which you have to drill and install on a concrete floor inside your garage. You can also see some of these locks in waiting shed or bike parking areas.


Call us anytime so you can talk to one of our Bike Locksmith in finding the best locks to secure and protect your bicycle from theft.

Bike locksmith near me

If you are looking for a legit and trustworthy bike locksmith near you, Mya Locksmith Poughkeepsie can be your top choice. Our combined experience and annual training keeps us ahead among other local locksmiths in the area.

For many years, we have been solving bike lockout problems from different people in the area. Our mobile locksmith team are on standby mode and available at any time of the day. Once we receive your call, we will be there in your spot in 30 minutes or less.

Immediate response

For all kinds of emergency locksmiths, Mya Locksmith constantly keeps a quick response in the area of Poughkeepsie. Bicycle lockouts are no longer a huge headache these days because you can call us anytime for help.

We provide on-time and cost-efficient technical assistance in unlocking your bicycle locks on the spot. Likewise, when you want to make an upgrade with your existing bike lock, we have various supplies in our van for your selection.

Mya Locksmith persistently looks forward to your welfare and safety, thus, we are always ahead of our schedule. Get in touch with us at any hour of the day.

We are available 24/7

Are you looking for round the clock local locksmith in Poughkeepsie who can help you with bicycle locks and lockouts? Look no further when you choose us Mya Locksmith.

We have proven track records of excellent customer service for all-around bicycle locksmith needs in the area. Our technicians are licensed and bonded to perform all sorts of locksmithing works in keeping your bicycle, vehicle, house, and commercial building safe and secure.

At any hour or day of the week, our mobile locksmith service is constantly here to serve you. We have updated tools and highly trained technicians who will accurately fix, replace, or install new locks that match your needs and budget.

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