Can I Remove A Broken Key in My Ignition?

If you find yourself in a situation where your car keys are stuck in the ignition, it can be very stressful. There is no need to panic, though; there are some ways that you can remove the key without damaging your car’s lock or ignition. In this article, we will go over four possible ways of removing a broken key from an ignition.

The various techniques that can be applied to remove a broken car key from the ignition are:

Use of Nose Pliers

Nose pliers are pointy and small in size, making them convenient for this situation. If a portion of the broken key is sticking out from the ignition, then you can use nose pliers to grip the piece and pull it out.

Use of Thin Wire

A thin wire that is shaped like a hook at the tip can be inserted into the lock ignition to remove the key. When the wire gets to the end of the lock, you can feel the key’s teeth, and once hooked, slowly pull the key out. When the key pops, use needle nose-pliers to remove it from the ignition.

Jigsaw Blade

You can use a hand jigsaw blade by sliding it to the end of the lock ignition. Once at the end, use the edges of the blade to grab the teeth of the key and drag it out. 

Contact A Locksmith

Try contacting a locksmith if none of the above methods prove fruitful in recovering the key. If you try to force the key out of the ignition system, it might cause further damage. No need to be frustrated; a locksmith has the skills needed to recover the key.

Broken keys are mostly caused by someone accidentally dropping or throwing something at the vehicle that happens to hit it and cause this type of damage. Also when the driver’s side door opens incorrectly, resulting in putting too much pressure on the lock.

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