Can I Replace My Car Key Fob?

A car key fob is an essential part of any driver’s life. It is a small device that allows you to lock or unlock your car, start the engine and even activate the alarm system, all without having to use your keys. 

The first question many people will ask themselves is “will my insurance cover this?” The answer is yes. The only catch is that you need to inform your insurance company as soon as possible after realizing this has happened.

Contacting Specialist Locksmiths

The first call to action would be to contact a specialist locksmith. This way, not only will they know exactly where to start looking for your car key fob, but it’ll also give you an idea as to how much the replacement is going to cost! 

This sounds like a long process and can often take more than two hours if you don’t want any damage done while removing the old one. It’s worth bearing in mind that these specialists are far more likely than anyone else to find your original or at least similar model.

This assurance gives peace of mind knowing everything has been checked out before finally purchasing something new.

Different forms of car key fobs are: 

Standard Fob – This type has a button-less design, instead of relying on a small sensor to be pressed close enough for it to unlock your car doors. Instead, these remotes use an RFID chip which means they are battery-operated and need constant contact with the vehicle’s receiver before working correctly.

Battery Powered Key Fob – While not as long-lasting as other options (batteries typically last around two years), these fobs have their advantages, such as easily replacing batteries if required without needing any special equipment or skills.

Smart Key Fob – Using a tiny computer chip, these remotes can be programmed to unlock your car doors when they are within range automatically.

You should know that there are some simple answers to this question, but your locksmith should answer the questions in person because of all the different factors involved. For example, is your key fob not working? Let us help you get back into your car. 

We can replace all types of keys, including the modern-day remote control style. Contact Mya Locksmith for more information on how we can help with this and other locksmith-related services.