How to Prevent Locksmith Scam

It is one of the worst feelings when you lock yourself out of your car or house and need a locksmith. Unfortunately, scammers know this and use it to their advantage by preying on people in distress.

Sadly, many locksmith scam companies out there will take advantage of the situation and charge an outrageous price for a service. We’ve compiled some tips for avoiding these scams so that you can have peace of mind while seeking help. 

You should be the one reaching out -Do not trust anyone who shows up at your door without an appointment-even if they are wearing uniforms from major locksmith companies. They may be legit professionals, but they could also be scammers posing as such.

Verify employees’ credentials – If someone comes to your door claiming they’re from a locksmith company, make sure to request identification before letting them inside the property or handing over any money. 

You can also check if their ID matches the company name on their vehicle and uniform and ask for references if possible.    

Company’s verification – Check out the company online and make sure that they are, in fact, from the locksmith service provider they claim to be from. Before handing over any money or giving them access to your property, ensure the verification settles your doubt.

Do background research – Check reviews online from other customers who have had a positive experience before choosing one company in particular. This will help you understand the quality of service the company offers.

Keep your old keys – If you’re in the process of changing locks, make sure to keep your old key or copies for future use. This is a long shot but will prevent you from needing any locksmith service, helping you evade scammers.

Ask for quotes before the actual service –  Ask for written quotes upfront, so you know exactly how much your lock change will cost. Also, avoid giving out your personal information to anyone over the phone unless it is an emergency.

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