What Are Intercoms? Why Do I Need One?

Intercoms are devices that allow people to communicate with each other from a distance via audio messages and signals. They can be used in any environment, including homes, schools, commercial buildings, and more! 

There are many benefits to using an intercom, such as increased security measures, better communication among staff members or parents at school events like assemblies or parent-teacher conferences. 

They have various uses, including: 

Easier Communication 

Intercoms make it easier to hold a conversation without being interrupted by ambient noise or distractions. This makes it easier to conduct business, school events, and more with clarity.

Improved Safety

Intercommunication will allow better coordination of emergency evacuation procedures if there is a catastrophe such as fire, natural disaster, or any danger inside your building.

Reduced Liability

An intercom system will enable you to hear what is going on outside before opening the door. It can alert you if someone may be hiding just out of view, who might have malicious intentions like breaking into cars.

Increased Security Measures

Intercoms help beef up already existing security measures, including locks and surveillance systems. In addition, having an intercom system will enable you to communicate with those outside your building, and they can notify you if anything out of the ordinary is going on. This could be deterring crime and increasing peace of mind.

Increased Efficiency During Business Hours

Without waiting around for people to come back from lunch breaks, smoke breaks, or other personal errands that might take them away from workstations, employees will have more time at their desks getting tasks done so that everyone benefits regardless of how they spend their lunch break.

Improved Customer Service Skills

Increased productivity and satisfaction among employees mean lower turnover rates. This can help improve customer service levels by keeping staff who know the necessary for carrying out conversations with customers.

The ability of managers to see via camera feeds what is happening at each desk in real-time also ensures that workers stay fully engaged in tasks until completion, which increases accountability.

You should consider buying an intercom. Intercoms have many advantages over traditional landlines and cell phones that make them perfect for seniors who want to stay connected with colleagues. 

To learn more about how they work and whether or not one would be right for you, give us a call. At Mya Locksmith, we will help integrate security measures, including locks and intercoms, for your business’s security.