What Is The Purpose Of A Key Inside A Key Fob For A Remote Start Vehicle?

What exactly is a key fob?

To use a keyless entry system, all you need is a little remote device called a “key fob.” Having a key fob means you can skip the hassle of carrying around a physical car key. The key fob communicates with and controls your vehicle via radio waves. As long as you don’t attach any more keys to your ignition key, you can forget about the annoying jingling of keys.

It turns out this handy piece of technology has a wide range of applications. Some of these hidden functions of your car key fob may come as a surprise; give them a try!

The key fob can be used to start the car from a distance.

On frigid days, depending on whether or not idling is permitted in your state, you may be able to use your car’s key fob to remotely start your vehicle. Simply locate the button on the remote that has a round arrow on it to start the engine.

The windows can be lowered with the key fob.

I bet you didn’t know you could use your key fob to grab some fresh air. You can try to unlock your phone by pressing and holding the unlock button twice.

Use your key fob to fold in your mirrors

The key fob can protect your side mirrors from being damaged if you squeeze into a parking spot that is too tight for two cars. If your car doesn’t lock automatically, try holding the lock button on your key fob for 10 seconds.

Use the key fob to open the trunk.

Many modern cars include key fobs that allow you to open the trunk with the push of a button, when in the past you may have needed a mechanical key.

Use the remote to start the car.

Sixty-two percent of cars sold in 2016 had keyless ignition systems, indicating a widespread adoption of this convenience. If you decide to go keyless with your next model, the fob will function as a remote starter and brake when you have it in your possession and press the brake pedal.

Protect yourself at night with your key fob.

Almost every car’s key fob has a “panic” button that, when pressed, will trigger the car’s emergency alarm system and allow the driver to locate their vehicle, even in the densest parking garage. However, if the garage is empty, using this feature may deter potential intruders.

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