Will Locksmith Open A Safe?

There are a few scenarios in which you might need the services of a locksmith to open a safe. Today, the experts at Mya Locksmith Poughkeepsie discuss the most frequent triggers for safe opening requests.

Forgotten Passwords and Misplaced Keys

Embarrassing as it may be, it actually occurs pretty frequently. Some customers may forget their safe’s combination if they don’t use it frequently. We recently provided guidance on how to better retain your security passphrases, but mistakes can and do occur. It’s not a big deal if you lose your safe’s combination or key because a locksmith can open the vast majority of them.

Delays and Shutdowns

Many modern electronic safes have extra safeguards including delay mechanisms and locking doors. You may be locked out of your safe if you have tried to guess the correct combination too many times after you have forgotten the code. This can become really annoying if you have repeatedly entered an incorrect code. There’s no need to freak out if you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of the safe. One of our locksmiths can come to you, wherever you are.

Bolts Stuck Together

Having your safe serviced on a regular basis is the single most critical thing you can do. When we service your safe, we check to see that everything is in working order. As part of this process, you should clean and lube the bolts. Your safe won’t open with the correct combination if a jammed bolt prevents access. A locksmith’s services will be required to open your jammed safe and perform any necessary maintenance or repairs.

Legacy Safes with Missing Combinations

What’s in the safe is usually more of a priority than the safe itself when making a will. This makes perfect sense, as the safe itself isn’t nearly as valuable to us as the valuables it protects. However, when the time comes, your estate will require access to your safe. They may be concerned if your heirs, lawyers, or business partners don’t know the safe’s combination. They are not required to. 

Combinations That Constantly Shift

Mya Locksmith Poughkeepsie provides customers with the option of purchasing both keypad and combination safes. Traditional safes, like those seen in movies, are combination locks. The exact configuration may change as time goes on due to wear and tear. When this occurs, your code will also require some tweaks. Changing the combination on an old safe that no longer recognizes your code may be your only option. Please schedule maintenance, repair, or upgrade services if you have recently changed your combination.

In the event that you have lost your safe’s combination or code, or if your safe has been damaged, Mya Locksmith Poughkeepsie is here to help. Meanwhile, regular service will keep your safe in tip-top shape. The likelihood of a safe malfunctioning is reduced if it is serviced periodically. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can assist you in maintaining a healthy, responsive, and secure environment.