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As one of the top locksmith security companies, we have years of experience working with industry standards, robust lock and door repair, and the latest in lock technology for residential, commercial, and automotive settings. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with your locksmith and door needs.

Having a professional to lean when you encounter all sorts of emergency locksmith needs, is a wise choice. Whether you are experiencing a lockout or your car key is stuck, MYA Locksmith provides a fast 24/7 emergency locksmith service in New York.

In a span of 15 to 30 minutes, our mobile emergency locksmith will be there in your spot to repair or replace your broken locks, cut new car keys, and reprogram them. Call now to get your free quote.

24 Hour Solutions for All of Your Security Needs

Throughout the past years, our highly qualified technicians have been handling lock and security for residential and commercial customers. Always fast and reliable, we’ve provided 24-hour locksmith services to thousands of customers in our time of operations.

We at MYA Locksmith guaranteepremier quality of locksmith services with our well-trained technicians and durable products. Our seasoned locksmiths have very flexible skills and modern tools to accurately determine the thing causing your locks and security system to bog down.

Never hesitate to lean on professionals when you need to have a convenient and efficient means of maintaining or repairing the locks in your residence and offices.


All The Services You Need

We provide many emergency locksmith services such as replacing/reprogramming transponder keys and extracting a broken key. We will come to you and provide the service you need when you need it the most!
For your unique needs, we offer 24-hour emergency and monitoring services. For commercial clients, enjoying the benefits of a 24-hour locksmith means knowing that there’s help on the way when you need it. For residential customers, the same applies. When the unexpected happens and you end up locked out, being one of the leading locksmith companies, Mya Locksmith is more than happy to help.

At MYA Locksmith, all our licensed and bonded technicians are also friendly and approachable to cater any of your questions. Our helpful staff will assist you from the moment you made your first call down to the implementation process.

Should you need professional assistance for your emergency locksmith requirements in the area, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Residential Locksmith

Licensed and Bonded Locksmiths

We only employ the best locksmiths to help you with all kinds of lock repair and replacements. These technicians are licensed and bonded to perform any locksmith practices in the area.

Never be fooled with very cheap rates, as these locksmith companies can be a fly-by-night one. Make sure to do a background check and see if they have proof for their licenses and insurance.

MYA Locksmith is your most dependable and legit nearby local locksmith. Call Now!

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  • Emergency lockouts and lockout prevention solutions
  • and much more!
Residential Locksmith
  • When do I need a locksmith?

Locksmiths are there to help you gain access to your property or vehicle when you’ve locked yourself out – but that’s barely scratching the surface of what they can do for you. To make things simple, you will require a locksmith whenever you have an issue that is related to your keys and locks. However, a locksmith can also help with your security needs. For instance, if you want to improve the security of your business, you can call a locksmith to install a CCTV for your business. You can also call a locksmith to install panic bars to your property. This will improve the security of your business.

  • I just purchased a new home, should I rekey the locks or buy new locks?

Yes, we believe changing locks should be a priority when you move into a new home. Firstly you have no idea how many copies of the keys exist or who has possession of these keys. Also if you were burgled by someone with keys it may affect your ability to claim on your insurance. For complete peace of mind please change those locks.

  • What Is Rekeying?

Rekeying is also known as “changing the locks.” Changing out the locks can bolster your security and protect your property. It is recommended that businesses and homeowners rekey their homes every few years to maintain the highest security standards.

  • Should I put high security locks for my business?

Of course, you should. High-security locks provide more security compared to ordinary locks. This can greatly improve the security of your business.

  • Would I be able to get a master key so that no one else can make copies of it?

Think of a master key as an all access pass. While specific individuals are allowed entry into their own apartment, or office using their own personal key, the person in charge of the master key will be allowed access to all the apartments in an apartment complex, or to all the offices in an office building. Master keys are very useful for landlords, office managers, and maintenance workers who need access to several rooms with different locks on its doors.