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Marshal eviction Service Poughkeepsie – Do you own an apartment or a for-rent commercial space for businesses in Poughkeepsie? Have you experienced requesting your tenant to move out from their rented space through a Marshal eviction service?

If Yes, then Mya Locksmith can be your best local locksmith partner to carry out your locksmith needs in the execution of a Marshal eviction service Poughkeepsie. We have been in the industry for many years, and have helped plenty of landlords in replacing or rekeying the locks in their apartment and business establishments.

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What is Marshal eviction Service?

Marshal eviction service is a legal process of letting a tenant move out from his or her current rented space as requested by the landlord. This legal action is first initiated when you as the landlord would request for a petition for removal in the Civil or Supreme Court.

A court hearing for the petition must be done and once the court has ruled out and favored your request, a warrant of eviction will be issued on the tenant. The Marshals or the Sheriffs are the designated public personnel assigned to request and send the Warrant of Eviction to the tenant.

Both the Marshals or the Sheriffs can execute the eviction but only the latter has the authority to enforce any eviction cases. In line, the two authorities can counsel you on whether to opt for an eviction or a legal possession.

If you opt for an eviction, the Marshal or Sheriff will take control of the tenant’s belongings and transport them to a secure private storage facility. Meanwhile, a legal possession entails otherwise, that is, the tenant’s things will stay inside the rented space until he or she is able to transport them to a new house, apartment or office.

What Happens During A Sheriff Or Marshall Eviction?

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When the court has decided to approve your petition for removal, the Marshal or Sheriff would request for a Warrant of Eviction. However, prior to its execution, the Marshal or Sheriff must personally serve a Notice of Eviction to the tenant or any individual (legal age) residing within the rented space.

If the tenant is not present in the premises, the Marshal will post the Notice of Eviction on the door, under the door, or in any area that is readily visible for the former. Likewise, within the day, a copy of the notice must be mailed to the tenant by any accredited mailing agency of the court.

Overall, the effectiveness and execution of the Warrant of Eviction will be done six days after the date of mailing the copy of the notice. As mentioned earlier, if it is an eviction, the Marshal will safely transport all items owned by the tenant to a safe warehouse for storage.

Further, the Marshal will also ensure that the landlord will replace or rekey all entry locks in the room, building, house or apartment. This is required for any Marshal eviction service Poughkeepsie.

In line, Mya Locksmith Poughkeepsie is here to help you carry out an efficient and affordable lock rekey or replacement as required by the Marshal or Sheriff Eviction Service Poughkeepsie.

We rekey and replace a variety of locks such as deadbolts, Mortise, lever handle, door knob locks, and more. Always, our mobile van team carries plenty of tool sets and supplies to effectively resolve your lock and key concerns in our first visit.


Licensed and Bonded Locksmith

Never easily allow anyone to enter your home, apartment, or office when you have not checked their licenses, papers, and proof of insurance as a certified local locksmith in Poughkeepsie.

All our technicians at Mya Locksmith Poughkeepsie are licensed and insured to perform all sorts of lock repair, replacement, and installation. We can also reproduce the keys to your rooms, bike locks, car and motorbike keys.


Customer Service

Starting from the service call down to resolving your lock and key issues, our well-trained professionals will treat you with respect and kindness.

Our technicians are also morally imbued with good customer service so as to make you feel comfortable and at ease despite the pressing problem of a lockout or lost key. Mya Locksmith Poughkeepsie is your most trustworthy and friendly locksmith around town.

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Are Landlords Required To Change Locks Or Have Them Re-Keyed After An Eviction?

Indeed, lock rekeying or replacement is mandatory in the execution of a Marshal Eviction Service Poughkeepsie. The marshal or sheriff shall check and ensure that all locks are newly replaced or rekeyed once the tenant completely moves out from the leased establishment.

Mya Locksmith Poughkeepsie is available 24 hours and 7 days a week to cater all your needs for fixing, installing, replacing, or rekeying locks in your home or commercial space. For your marshal or sheriff eviction service, you can trust us as your reputable local locksmith.


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In Poughkeepsie, we have built and established our credibility from scratch. We carefully listened to all concerns and needs of our client in the area. We never made it overnight to become one of the leading local locksmiths in the area. It takes passion and dedication to serve that brought us on top.

To ensure we consistently deliver top-notch locksmith service, we made sure all our security solutions are up-to-date, affordable, and accessible day or night. With us, your requirement of fixing or rekeying a lock can be done on the spot.

You can get in touch with us by calling our hotline anytime.

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