Cam Locks

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Cam Locks

Cam Locks

These locks use a lever to safeguard your lockers, drawers, safes, mailboxes, and doors. It is a go-to choice for areas or storage compartments that does not require very high-level security, like storage drawers of employee files and others.

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How do cam locks work?

To unlock your cam lock, you need to insert its key and turn its keyed cylinder lock. As you turn the key, the cam moves 90 or 180 degrees at the rear section, then unlocks the door.

What are camlock fittings used for?

Camlock fittings is also known as the groove and cam coupling. Its main function is to connect or link two hoses or pipes.

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What is a cam lock key?
These are the right physical metal keys used to turn the stationary cylinder of your cam locks to open it. If you lost your keys or need rekeying of your cam locks, you can lean on our professionals.
What is a cam screw?

A cam screw is composed of two parts, that is, the cam and the screw. These two parts need to be joined together to form a cam screw which is also used for the assembly of a flat-pack furniture.

How are cam locks measured?

In getting the measurement of your cam locks, you need to measure two things – cam length and offset. The cam length is measured from the center portion of the hole towards the rear section of the cam.

Meanwhile, the offset is the length measured on the horizontal edge dividing the two vertical sections of a cam lock.

Just like how versatile a cam lock works, our technicians at Mya Locksmiths have flexible skills to adapt to your changing needs for the security of your residence and commercial space.

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