Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are one of the time-tested locks used for residential and commercial establishments to provide optimal security and deterrent against burglars. If you are looking for a reputable locksmith Poughkeepsie  to install or repair the deadbolts inside your house, apartment, or office, then call us Mya Locksmiths.

We offer affordable installation and repair locksmith services in Poughkeepsie. You can call us anytime if you need a professional to handle any concerns with your deadbolt locks. If you need a free quote or advice from our licensed and bonded technicians, contact us today.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt Locks

This type of lock is one of the most popular locks we install in the homes, apartments, and offices in Poughkeepsie . We offer affordable rates for installing the right brand of deadbolt in your space.

There are different types and brands of deadbolts to choose from in the market, and our seasoned locksmiths will help you out.

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What is a deadbolt lock?

This is a durable lock which can be activated using a key or a knob. The physical trait and material of a deadbolt enables it to be resistive with any forceful entry or hammering.

Can you pick a deadbolt lock?

Regardless of brand and type of deadbolts, generally, it is difficult to pick and open one. Moreover, it is ergonomically designed to resist any forceful entry, thus, it requires sufficient time if one wants to break a deadbolt.

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What is the most secure deadbolt lock?

The most secure deadbolt you can have for your home or office is the double cylinder deadbolt. Unlike the single cylinder, this one is operated at both sides with a key. Meanwhile, if you want to get rid of using keys, then you can opt for a keyless electronic deadbolt.

Can you lock a deadbolt without a key?

Practically, installing a keyless electronic deadbolt will be your best option when you want to get rid of using keys. By that, you will use passcodes to activate your deadbolt.

Are one sided deadbolt secure?

A single cylinder deadbolt still offers a great deal of security as long as there are no breakable glass near the door which can allow the intruder to break it and turn the knob to open.

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