Electric Door Strike

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Electric Door Strike

Electric Door Strikes

An electric door strike serves as a great stand alone or supplementary lock for residential and commercial establishments. It provides a strong and reliable security level which can definitely deter any burglary action in your premises.

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Does an electric strike need a power supply?

For an electric door strike to function, it needs a power supply to lock or unlock its latch or bolt mechanism. When buying one, you have two options for that, will it be locked or unlocked when electricity is passed through it. If you are a little bit confused, our technicians will guide you through the selection process on which one is most suitable for your needs.

What is a failed secure electric strike?

This type of electric door strike operates by allowing current to pass through so that the latching mechanism works in locking your door. Fail secure electric strikes are usually installed in exit doors and main doors.

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How does an electronic door lock work?

Electronic door locks came to existence because of the need for convenience when securing one’s place and avoiding lockouts. Instead of using a physical key, an electronic door lock is activated using different media which include Bluetooth devices, encoding passwords or pins, scanning retina / fingerprint / voice / face, and key cards.

When the right medium is used for activation, an electrical impulse is created and opens the latch or bolt mechanism of your electronic lock.

How do you measure a strike plate?

The width of your strike plate is usually measured from the center section of the screw holes towards the edge of the plate.

Leaning to a professional for the repair or installation of your electric door strike is a good choice because you are minimizing error of work while having the best quality of locks and locksmith services.

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