Fingerprint Door Locks

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Fingerprint Door Locks

Fingerprint Door Locks

Fingerprint or Biometric locks are one the modern locking system installed in residential and commercial establishments in Poughkeepsie. It provides top-notch protection without the needs of a physical key.

At Mya Locksmiths, we can install or repair your fingerprint door locks for an affordable cost. Simply make that short call to inquire for our locksmith services and products.

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What is a biometric door lock?

This modern lock does not require a physical metal key for activation, rather it uses one of our basic physical features for identification which is our fingerprint for this device. First, you need to enroll your identity and fingerprint into the system before allowing this to be your activation key.

Can smart door locks be hacked?

Smart door locks can be hacked when you do not observe proper precautionary measures which include the following:


  • Use a secure line of internet
  • Never allow anyone to view your passcode or pin
  • Always periodically update your access codes for optimal protection


Further, you need to install the best and most trusted brand of locks in the industry for better assurance of its quality. Some of the best brands include Assa Abloy, Samsung, Westinghouse, Aegis, NX4, Anviz, and more.

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Are biometric door locks secure?

Considering the mechanism of biometric locks and the quality of hardware and software, we can say that it offers top notch protection for your homes and offices. You can make a short call to ask for free advice from our technicians on how to choose high-quality biometric Locks that match your needs and budget.

How does a fingerprint lock work?

This type of lock works by scanning your fingerprints and when it makes a match, it sends an electrical impulse which retracts the latching mechanism of the lock and opens your door. Some fingerprint locks also require a pin or access code for further protection.

What happens when biometrics is locked?

Truth to be told, the safest and best way to do when this incident happens is calling your nearby locksmith service. Leaning on professionals for assistance does not mean being weak, for you are mitigating risk and further damage when you do DIY repairs.

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