Glass Door Locks

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Glass Door Locks

Glass Door Locks

A lot of homeowners and commercial spaces are installing sliding glass doors in their premises because of its added curb appeal and statement. However, it also poses a risk for an easy entry for burglars as they can easily break the glass or break into its locks.

To avoid these incidents, you have to install the right glass door locks for your sliding glass doors. Below are some important factors you need to consider before buying glass door locks.

  • Know the Best Brands for their durability and functionality is time-tested already
  • Check if the style and appearance of the glass door lock match with your sliding glass door
  • It must have strong resistance to keep your sliding glass doors from opening
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Meanwhile, here are the different types of glass door locks to choose from in the industry:

Bar Locks

These bar locks are installed at the foot of your sliding glass doors, which prohibits sliding on the door track. This type is often used in commercial establishments where they use sliding glass doors for their shops and boutiques.

Clasp Locks

This lock works by using a lever which is right on top of the keyhole. The clasp locking operation works when you use the lever. Unlock the hook at the end of the lever so you can slide your glass door again.

Cylinder Locks

A cylinder lock is installed through your glass sliding door and is activated using a physical key. It provides optimal security level because of the cylinder lock’s mechanism.

Foot Bolt

This lock can be installed on top or at the bottom of your glass sliding door. It has an auto-locking feature which works when you close your glass sliding doors. This one is spring-operated and very easy to install.

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How do you secure a sliding glass door?

There are many methods of securing your glass sliding doors and our technicians can surely help you with it. Below are some practical tips for ensuring the protection of your glass sliding doors.

  • Coat your sliding glass doors with an anti-shatter film
  • Install a sound alarm to deter burglars
  • Reinforce security of glass door locks using access codes or pins
  • Place wooden or metal blocks at the door tracks

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