High Security Locks

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High Security Locks

High Security Locks

When your area is prone to theft and forced entry, we usually recommend that you install the best high security locks. They provide exceptional deterrence against hammering, lock picking, and drilling.

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What are High Security Locks?

These types of locks are made from durable and hardened steel material which can sustainably resist hammering and drilling. High security locks offer better deterrence against burglary actions because it has a complicated key pin system which is anti-lock picking and bump keys.

Can smart door locks be hacked?

Similar to physical locks, smart door locks also have some vulnerabilities which you need to accept and consider. Generally, here are some tips you can adapt to further strengthen the protection offered by your smart door locks:

  • periodic update of your passwords
  • Ensuring you keep the mobile phone security app updated
  • Making sure not to share your password or security key to anyone
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Are biometric door locks secure?

Biometric door locks offer a convenient and modern way of securing your home and office. It uses a scanner that will read your fingerprint, retina, voice, or face to activate the locking mechanism.

Some models will also ask for passcode, in case the scanning fails or undergoes fatal error. Overall, biometric door locks offer an excellent protection for your residence or commercial space.

Is a keypad door lock safe?
Indeed, keypad locks are safe and secure to install in your residence and office. It is easy, convenient, and straightforward to use. Typically, you need to use a combination of alphanumeric codes and special characters to activate its security mechanism. If you need a professional locksmith Poughkeepsie to install affordable and top quality high security locks in your residence and commercial building, then call us today.