Lever Handle Locks

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Lever Handle Locks

Lever Handle Locks

This type of lock has a lever handle on a backplate and a keyhole below it. A lever handle lock can be activated using the lever handle or by inserting its key. This type is commonly used for residential and business offices.

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What is a lever door handle?

A lever door handle can be pushed down or up and is attached to the backplate. It is oriented in a horizontal manner. There are different types of lever handles which include single dummy, privacy, passage, and keyed entry lever door handle.

Which way do lever handles go?

Typically, a lever handle lock has the middle of the curve up while the end part goes down. Meanwhile, some designs have the opposite, that is middle of the curve down then end part of the handle curved up.

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What are the parts of a door handle?

Basically, the parts of a door handle lock are the following:

  • Door knob or lever – the most noticeable part of any door handle lock
  • Latch system – a spring-activated part of the door handle which keeps the door closed
  • Strike plate – a metal flat surface where the latch is pushed into
  • Keyed cylinder lock – this is the locking mechanism of any door handle lock. You need to insert the key in order to open or close the door handle lock
What is a door handle called?

A door handle is also called a door knob or lever handle, depending on its design and form. A door knob is a round or spherical metal piece protruding from the door frame. Meanwhile, a lever handle is oriented in a horizontal manner which is pushed down or up for activation.

What is the mechanism inside a door handle called?

The latch mechanism is the one inside a door handle. The most common latch system is a retracting tubular design, while the second type is the ball latch system.

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