Lock Cylinders

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Lock Cylinders

Lock Cylinders

Lock cylinders are one of the most common and timeless locks used in most residential and commercial establishments. Replacing, repairing or installing new lock cylinders will be easy when you hire our seasoned technicians.

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How does a euro cylinder lock work?

This is also called a pin tumbler lock which was first patented in 1805. A euro cylinder lock works by driving a key inside the keyhole which turns the deadbolt inside the lock case.

The application of lock cylinders is wide as it is popularly used in schools, offices, hospitals, houses, apartments, and more. Despite its functionality and durability, it comes with a sleek and stylish look which fairly matches your modern homes and commercial space.

What are the different types of locks?

There are various types of cylinder locks in the market and each has its respective pros and cons. Some of the common types include rim lock, key-in-knob cylinder lock, double or single cylinder, and Mortise cylinder locks.

No matter what kind of cylinder lock you want for your home or office, we can totally handle it. Our locksmiths are licensed and bonded to operate anywhere in New York City.

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Is it cheaper to replace locks or rekey?

Rekeying is more affordable than lock replacement because you do not have to replace all parts of your door locks. Moreover, we best the most reasonable and affordable rates for lock rekeying and replacement in New York.

What is a top lock?
A top lock is a child safety lock placed on the highest portion of your doors. This is essential when your children can easily reach and unlock your door knob locks. It provides a secondary lock system which deters your child from coming out without your supervision. The expertise of our licensed and bonded technicians shall totally help you out with all concerns of your cylinder locks and any kinds of locks present in your residence and offices. We service the area of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens at round the clock basis. Simply call us today for your locksmith needs.