Magnetic Locks

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Magnetic Locks

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are an excellent choice for internal and external doors to provide dependable security level for your residence and commercial establishments. We only use magnetic locks from popular manufacturers like Schlage, Securitron, Locknetics, and more.

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How magnetic door locks work?

Magnetic locks almost work the same way as electric door strikes. The common force of magnetic locks sold in the market include 300-lb, 600-lb, 1200-lb, and 1800-lb. The two important working parts of this lock are a powerful current and electromagnet.

A current is allowed to flow through the electromagnet so that a strong magnetic force keeps your door closed at all times. To open this lock, you need to use a keycard access button, or inputting the passcode to reduce the current and its magnetic force. With that, you are able to open your doors already.

How strong are electromagnetic door locks?

The usual strength of magnetic locks in the industry are 300-lb, 600-lb, 1200-lb, and 1800-lb. If you do not have any idea on how strong the magnetic locks you need to install in your residence or office, then you can call our technicians today.

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What is the difference between failsafe and fail secure?

A fail safe lock is opened when power is out or current flowing is reduced. This is the same working principle with electromagnetic locks. Meanwhile, a fail secure lock stays locked when there is zero power or current.

Magnetic locks are very easy to install because you only have two main parts, that is, electromagnet and an armature plate. Technically, there are no other complicated connectors when. Installing these kinds of locks in your residence and office.

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