Door Hinges Repair Service

The door hinge is one of those things that are a critical part of your home that you take for granted. Without hinges, doors would be too heavy and hard to open and close. If you are building a new home, planning to remodel an existing residence or only want to repair hinges that are no longer functioning properly, call us. We are Mya Locksmith, a NY based door hinges repair install & service company.

Mya Locksmith is a locally owned company that offers services throughout Poughkeepsie, NY and the surrounding areas. When it comes to door hinges, we are the experts, promising quality workmanship and affordable prices. Mya Locksmith is committed to excellence and continues to be an outstanding business in the area, we take pride on an outstanding record of quality service. We have a full staff of highly talented and motivated individuals that are eager to help you with all of your Door Hinges Repair Service needs. 

We stand behind every service with pride. Over the years we have focused on listening to our clients and providing the best solution for what they need.

The Best Services

Mya Locksmith offers a wide range of services, from Door Hinges Repair Service, lock replacements or key extractions to complex lock improvement and master key system installation.

Using the latest technologies, we will make sure that any of your requirement is met, so you won’t have troubles for a long time. We also take care of emergencies, so don’t hesitate to contact us anytime you find yourself in front of a non-responsive office or residential door hinge.

Having years of experience behind, we pride ourselves on our fast response and excellent quality services. We are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us now, and find out how we can help you. Covering main areas and sub-areas in New York, we have a fast response time, arriving at the requested destination in approximately 20 minutes.

Over the years we have developed a strong reputation by providing outstanding response from general service requests, professional consultation and efficient service that is second to none.


The Highest Standards

In order to bring our vision into reality, we provide highly accessible Door Hinges Repair Service. We struggle to fulfill any of our client’s needs, without requesting additional efforts from them. By having a fast response time and covering multiple sub-areas in New York, we make sure no second is wasted waiting for us.

We want to prevent additional problems such as uncertain response time, secondary damage of the door hinge, and unmatched deadbolt systems. We understand how difficult it is to postpone day to day activities in order to deal with a seemingly unsolvable issue. Consequently, we only use professional tools and work with trustworthy providers.

As we wish to prevent spending time trying to regain access to one’s house or office, we offer on-site assistance and intervention. We know how important is to keep your working and day to day routine. We cover small to large sub-areas and provide on-site assistance and immediate intervention.

Residential Locksmith

Services Available 24/7

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to respond to Door Hinges Repair Service and repair. Our trucks are equipped with the tools and equipment to provide most basic repairs during the first trip to your property. Because we service a wide variety of doors, hardware and equipment; we cannot carry all repair parts. What we can do is provide service which either provides complete repair of your door, temporary repair with specific recommendations based on the trouble shooting and investigation completed on our first visit, or at the very least, closing your door and securing your building until additional repairs are completed.

Residential Locksmith

Any day, any time, Mya Locksmith is here to provide top notch service to help you keep your door hinge in proper operating condition. Mya Locksmith has built its reputation on responding when the customer calls, and providing the expertise and experience to efficiently handle any problems you encounter with your doors, hardware or loading dock equipment.

Highly Trained Professionals

Our experienced and trained door repair professionals will ensure a smooth and reliable operation of doors, no matter what kind or how old they may be. Mya Locksmith has the expertise in effectively repairing door hinges and only recommend the best and most affordable in services and solutions to you.

Our passion for this industry shows in every job we perform, which is why we cater to each and every customer and to all locksmith needs. We have the proper tools and education to handle any type of situation.

We pride ourselves on the customer service we provide and promise each and every customer they will be satisfied with our service. We guarantee professionalism, knowledge and fast service.